The goal of GovConnect is to create a culture of excellence based on collaboration and teamwork that responds to mission demands without being unnecessarily limited by organizational silos. GovConnect will do this by implementing a new model of a mobile, agile, innovative and skilled Federal workforce.

Ultimately, GovConnect will provide both an overarching program and technological capability that encourages and enables:

  • Rapid assembly of skills-based teams and deployment of talent within and across agencies.
  • More effective and nimble response to solve America‚Äôs most significant concerns.
  • A flexible, talented pool of Government employees who, in addition to having depth of knowledge in their disciplines, also have a breadth of experience across Government.
  • A collaborative, less hierarchical and non-siloed environment where employees are encouraged to do what is in the best interest of the Government and the people it serves.
  • Improved efficiency by reducing the time spent trying to locate the right people with the right skills, reducing the likelihood of duplicative projects and wasted resources by identifying others who are working on similar initiatives across agencies.
  • A more rapid and effective response to critical events thereby providing better outcomes for the public and increasing public trust.
  • Enhanced employee engagement, innovation and productivity by giving employees access to the tools (and people) they need to efficiently share knowledge, collaborate and innovate.
  • A strengthened knowledge base across the Government and reduced reliance on contractors.